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Helping CEOs







Tactical Strategy &

Access to Capital

Helping companies make decisions and achieve unparalleled success


Jason Kohl has been Empowering Entrepreneurs & Family Owned Businesses since 1990

On-Demand Learning

Business Owners & Teams

Many Courses & Exciting Topics to Help Accelerate Success 


Ask @ Group Discounts & Bundles

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Online Learning Academy

OnDemand Training for business owners – In your own time and speed. At home or in the office.

Strategy & Transformation
We engage with business owners to attack pain points, make decisions and take action over time to achieve goals.  



What is a Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer?

Hiring us as your part-time vCSTO allows us to spend time every month, focusing on critical matters to help a CEO take action.

Tap into our 30+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs and family owned businesses.


Your vCSTO is at your service

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VIRTUAL Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer

C-Suite Partnership

Provide ‘on-call’ access to the CEO as a sounding board for ideation and cohesive planning.  Business owners gain time, efficiency and achieve goals.  Harness the power of the team with your vCSTO.  Live better


Proven advisor platform we use to help a CEO make decisions and take actions that address areas of concern.  CEO gets a 360° view of the whole operation and the GrowthWheel process can accelerate success.

Exit & Succession

Your vCSTO is on a mission to create the enterprise value over time that will lead to a successful exit.  The ultimate goal is in the heart of the CEO but having an experienced guide with a powerful network of experts provides the map and means to get there.

Sharing the Vision

The role of the vCSTO is to embrace and enhance the corporate vision and help formulate the strategies that will transform the organization.    We know that every company and every entrepreneur is unique.  That's why every client experience is it's own unique journey.

Capital & Cash Flow

Capital & Cash Flow is the life-blood of any business.  Our method strives to  help Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Get, Keep and Build Capital


  • Optimize debt structure

  • SBA Program expertise

  • Direct Lender + Intermediary


  • Cost Cutting

  • Create Efficiencies

  • Business Re-Investment

  • Cash Flow Management


  • Business Acquisition

  • Commercial Real Estate

  • Expansion Plan

  • Exit & Succession

Taking Action

Ready for a vCSTO?

Relationships are built on trust and it's no small feat for a CEO to allow a trusted advisor into their lives.  We welcome the conversation today to learn about your business ambitions and see how we can help.

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