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Make a quick GrowthWheel

360° Assessment

Get the big picture of your business and decide which course will help you:
Where are you doing well, and where do you need to learn more?

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Why do a 360° Assessment?
The GrowthWheel Framework below is a simple checklist of the areas you are already working on in your business.

A 360° Assessment will give you the big picture and help you focus on the most important areas first.

Also with a 360° Assessment you will make sure you can get the best possible help from your Advisor because you know where your needs are.

How to do it

It takes less than 10 min. to do a 360° Assessment of your business. Here is how you do it:


  • Go through the 20 Focus Areas and assess how well you think your business is doing at the moment

  • Click inside the GrowthWheel to score your business status within each Focus Area with 25-50-75-100%.

  • Finish your screening by clicking 1 to 3 Focus Areas you want to work on now.

Next Step:
Make Decisions, Take Action.

Now that you have the big picture and have selected 1-3 Focus Areas, it's time to take the next step.

  • What are the decisions you need to make in your Focus Areas?

  • What are the action steps for the next 30, 60, and 90 days?

  • Where do you need assistance to meet your ambitions?

  • Where do you need to learn more?

Get Access to GrowthWheel Online

As a client of Kohl Capital Associates you will have access to the full benefits of the GrowthWheel Platform

  • "Self-Directed" or "Concierge" Levels of Care Available

  • Make 360° Assessment of your business to get focus

  • Create a 30-60-90 Days Plan with decisions and actions

  • List your ambitions and track your outcomes in the Scoreboard

  • Make a Business Profile that you can download in PDF

  • Accellerate Enterprise Success

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